The institute develops project-related control algorithms for this purpose that are characterised by special inertia and adjustment steps, meaning that the user / visitor does not usually notice the adjustments that have been made. Advice is given concerning technical hardware requirements (sensor systems, actuator systems etc.).
The light technology and astronomical programs that are used in the institute are all developed in-house on the basis of the stereographic projection system developed by F. Tonne, and validated via a wide range of applications on real projects.

Light technology measurements that are performed on glazing, sun protection materials etc. are carried out within the scope of the institute’s technical facilities. The construction of architectural models is being coordinated (see example).

When giving advice on museum projects, the institute can draw upon decades of experience that has been gained in dealing with the specific requirements of museums.
Due to the high degree of specialisation, the institute's capacity is relatively limited; hence only a selected number of projects are accompanied at any time.