The Stuttgart-based Institut für Tageslichttechnik (Institute for Daylight Technology) has been providing advice for all kinds of demanding construction projects ever since it was established in 1952, and for many years the company’s main area of activity has been the construction of museums. We provide architects with planning and implementation advice with regard to special daylight technology and general lighting technology tasks.

This work affects the geometry of the building, e.g. the development of suitable skylight solutions (saw tooth roofs, lanterns, dome lights etc.), the position, size and orientation of light openings and means of light distribution.

This involves selecting suitable glazing, sun protection measures and light metering measures. Geometrical and astronomical calculations are performed in order to accurately determine these measures. (See Development section in the following). Energy optimisation is an essential issue (solar energy with cooling load minimisation), which includes a general examination of structural-physical and energy aspects.

Together with comprehensive use of daylight, this can be realised in the most effective way using flexible light metering measures, and is often controlled automatically in practice.